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Welcome to Richmond Balance!

Member Testimonials

  • "I was soft. I was weak. I was recovering from an injury that left me down in the dumps and up in the snack cabinet. That’s when I reached out to Richmond Balance. Without judgment, condescension or delay, Hunter Rhoades got me back on the path to core strength and athletic confidence. I call it the “Rhoades to Rhecovery” program. In a span of 2 months, I dropped my body fat from 19% to 12% and jacked up my toning. (Heck, I even posted an Instagram in my undies.) Most importantly, I restored my core and fitness mojo. I’m back in the groove, healthy and ready for my next 10k or triathlon. Yes, I’m still hitting the snack cabinet and the wine cellar, but thanks to Richmond Balance, local craft brews are no longer my flavor of complacency … they’re my well-earned recovery drinks. How much do I believe in Hunter and his team? I’ve already sent my wife and a slew of friends to join, because the only thing better than six-pack abs is cracking a six-pack with a bunch of friends willing to run/bike/swim/sweat for it."

    -Jason Tesauro, Personal Training Client

    "I have been a member of a few gyms in Richmond and RB is by far my favorite. The staff and facilities are awesome, and you can't beat the location."

    -Matt Simpson, Gym Member

    "Over the years I have been a member of different gyms in different cities but never found the right one until joining Richmond Balance. I've been a member of Richmond Balance for more than five years and have found it a great place to work out. Richmond Balance is a very comfortable place, no intimidation with lots of variety. Great people , great classes and a great atmosphere for everyone no matter what level or type of work out you are looking for."

    -Monty Bibb, Personal Training Client and Gym Member



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