Cassi Niemann


Cassi is a certified Starting Strength Coach and UCanRow2 Master Rowing Instructor with Concept2. Cassi helps people of all ages and capabilities build stronger, more useful bodies through basic barbell training. Physical strength is the most important attribute we can acquire and getting stronger is ultimately the key to our long-term health, helping you lose body fat, build strong bones and feel more confident in your everyday life. Not only will Cassi show you how to move safely under a barbell, she’ll program your workouts and tell you exactly what to do to get stronger in a consistent and effective manner. Remove the guesswork and confusion and just show up to get it done. Cassi provides both private and semi-private coaching sessions as well as multiple Strength Training Groups at different times of the day, including a women’s only class. There’s no experience necessary and you can start today.

Cassi also coaches indoor rowing on the ergs (rowing machines). She has 20 years of experience and is committed to enabling people of all levels to row correctly, quickly and most importantly, efficiently. She teaches multiple indoor rowing classes on our 3rd floor and invites you to come learn how to use the machine properly. You’ll get a full body, low-impact workout – using every muscle in the body. Interval training on the machine works to condition the cardiovascular system and the stronger you are, the more you will get out of it. With programmed workouts and consistent training, you will see improvement and watch those numbers on the monitor start to change.


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