Erin Johnson


Her family was a midwest transplant into the Annapolis/Baltimore area, leading Erin there for school. She eventually went to the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore to get her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. This was on the tails of achieving 1st Team All-American Honors as a goalkeeper playing collegiate soccer. After her doctorate degree, she joined the staff of Walter Reed National Naval Medical Center for a year and then moved to Ohio to work as a Physical Therapist for Beacon Orthopedics, the collaborative medical team servicing the Cincinnati Reds. In 2011, Erin left Cincinnati for San Antonio as she direct commissioned to be a Captain in the US Army Medical Specialists Corps. She served 2 years as Chief of a clinic on Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia followed by 2 years as a Brigade Physical Therapist at Ft. Stewart just down the road. At the end of 2014, her next PCS led her to Fort Lee where she has taken over the role of Chief of Orthopedics and Physical Therapy at Kenner Army Health Clinic. Her main focus has been with advanced functional training programs, and unintentional injury prevention initiatives in the military and with physical training. Recently named Provider of the Year, she plans to make Richmond her home for a while and enjoy staying on the East Coast.


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